Travel & Hospitality

Development Effort: Low | Wow Factor: High

Help guests get to their destination faster and safer with zero-friction passwordless MFA

Travel & Hospitality Authentication Development

Offer guests the fastest and most secure passwordless MFA across your website and native applications with Beyond Identity Secure Customers. Not only can guests register and login without second devices, one-time codes, or push notifications, only trust-worthy factors (possession, inherence) are used to secure every authentication event.

Key Stats:
  • The #1 frustration users have with authentication is password requirements.
  • 84% of online consumers experienced password fatigue from having to set up an account.
  • Only 29% of consumers agree that MFA is worth the convenience tradeoff.
Use Cases:
Accelerate account signup by eliminating passwords
Simplify logins across every device with zero-friction passwordless authentication
Protect guests from ATO fraud with MFA that captures two strong factors in one transaction
Know who's logging in from which device with crytographic proof of identity

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